10 jun. 2009

L'Ou com Balla (The Egg and How It Dances)

This popular festival takes place the 11th of June

This curious tradition is one hundred percent from Barcelona and it takes place on the day of Corpus. As its name suggests, it consists of making an egg "dance" upon the source of the fountains found in cloisters, courtyards or gardens. To ensure that the egg doesn't fall, the "trick" is to put the whole shell of an empty egg. The fountains are decorated with flowers and fruits. The Day of the Corpus Christi is a Catholic holiday that is dedicated to the commemoration of the institution of the Eucharist. In Barcelona there are several places in which to enjoy the tradition of “L’Ou com balla”.

Some venues include the Cathedral of Barcelona, el PobleEspanyol (the Spanish Village), the Frederic Marès Museum (Sant Iu plaza), the Parish of Santa Anna, (3, Rivadeneyra Street), the Casa de l'Ardiaca (1, Santa Llúcia Street), the Ateneu Barcelonès (6, Canuda Street), the Parish of the Puríssima Concepció (299, Aragó Street) or the Reial Acadèmia de Bones Lletres (3, Bisbe Caçador Street). The opening time depends on each place.

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